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Hunting or Fishing Charges for Violations? 


This coverage is $25.00 per month or $300.00 per year and is separate from the self-defense plans.

This plan is standalone and separate from the Gold, Silver, or Bronze self-defense coverage plan.  If you want coverage for both hunting & fishing and self-defense then please submit a separate application for your choice of the Gold, Silver, or Bronze self-defense plan and submit a separate application for the hunting and fishing protection.


Have you been charged with an offence under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act or any other offence related to hunting or fishing?

Hunter-Fisher membership, “HFC” has former prosecutors who are also hunters and fishermen therefore we know first-hand that any state is a great state for those outdoors men and women who love to hunt and fish.


Hunting and fishing in the great outdoors is a way of life for many.  Don’t let your rights go unprotected because of wildlife violations which can result in extensive fines, jail, and the loss of your hunting and fishing privileges.


HFC wildlife lawyers, protect and defend hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts when they are facing violations of wildlife laws. HFC has particular expertise in effectively dealing with federal and state agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Management or National Forest Service, as well as State Parks & Wildlife.

Did you know penalties can range up to thousands of dollars, jail time or the permanent loss of your license?

Other Acts and Regulations consist of:

  • The Federal Fisheries Act

  • Invasive Species Act

  • Federal Species at Risk Act

  • Endangered Species Act

  • Migratory Birds Convention Act

  • Trespass to Property Act

If you are a seasoned hunter/fisher or even a novice and just starting out, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations for the sport or hunting/fishing/outdoor activity that you engage in.  This helps to protect yourself from prosecution and to assist in the preservation of these species for everyone to enjoy. It is important to know the specific rules and regulations pertaining to the species of animal you are hunting or fishing. Some examples of such rules and regulations can refer to the size, age, sex, time of season, device or method allowed to catch the species, amount you can harvest, protected lands/bodies of water, and restrictions on sub species or protected species.


Did you know that Fish and Game Wardens, Conservation Officers, and other Wildlife Officers have very powerful allowances for search and seizure without a warrant? Your license, rod/reel, gun, other equipment including vehicles, boats, airplanes and other assets can be seized and forfeited to the Federal or State Government for violating the rules and regulations. You can even face fines of thousands of dollars for just catching a few fish out of season!


Most people who find themselves before the courts charged with these offences go “self represented”. It is important to know your rights and responsibilities. If you find yourself charged with an offence HFC attorneys can assist you and help you to make informed legal decisions on how to best defend yourself against real or perceived charges.


HFC is a strong litigation membership association of attorneys with a winning formula. Our attorneys and paralegals have a strong desire to win, we can go to court as many times as it takes, raise every possible legal issue to protect your rights and win!


HFC has particular expertise in effectively dealing with federal and state agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Management or National Forest Service, as well as state Parks & Wildlife.


HFC has hunting and fishing violation lawyers who some are former prosecutors and/or judges and know the law and know to defend a SDF-HFC member in unique cases.

We defend outdoor recreation law cases in state and federal courts in all hunting and fishing cases, including the following alleged wildlife violations or allegations:
  • Hunting and Fishing Violations

  • Fishing or hunting without a license

  • Fishing or hunting out of season

  • Fishing or hunting without necessary state or federal stamps

  • Poaching, unlawful possession, wasting of wildlife

  • Unlawfully taking wildlife

  • Shooting without a permit

  • Trespassing violations (hunting while trespassing, fishing while trespassing, and other)

  • Hunting without a license

  • Hunting without a hunter’s safety card

  • Trapping

  • Falconry

  • Archery

  • All outdoor-related recreation matters

  • Season dates, bag limits, and license requirements

  • Property and hunting rights disputes

  • Big game hunting

  • elk and mule deer hunting

  • small game violations

  • waterfowl violations

  • fur bearer violations

  • sport and fly fishing without a permit

  • Poaching

  • Firearm violations and offenses

  • Destruction or theft of wildlife

  • Operation Game Thief

  • Falconry license violations or seizures

  • Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact

  • Transportation, importation, exportation, and release of wildlife

  • Use of motor vehicles or aircraft

  • Illegal use of motor vehicles and radios to take wildlife

  • Parks and outdoor recreation

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