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Video Training Classes

In today’s times people are working and learning remotely. At SDF we offer video training using Virtual Instructor-Led Training. You learn at your own pace. Instructor lead classes include the following and much more.

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• Psychology of Aggression and Mental Shock
• Unarmed Survival Skills, Disarms and Mutable Attacker Defense
• Shooting from your Vehicle
• Emergency First Aid and Safety Skills
• Urban and Woodland Survival skills
• Crisis preparation for Home, on the Road and Office
• Setting Up a Active Killer Response Bag
• Tactical Team Work and Movement
• Methodology and Leadership Skills for a Crisis
• Advanced Concealed Carry
• Basic First Aid
• 1911 .45 Automatic Maintenance
• Beretta 92F Maintenance
• Blunt Trama First Aid
• Close Distance Defensive Shooting
• Complete CPR
• Concealed Carry
• Defensive Cane Fighting
• Dynamic Drills for Defensive Shooting
• Extreme Accuracy – The One mile Shot
• FAA Air Marshall Qualification Pistol Drill
• Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting
• Glock Maintenance
• Gunshot Wound First Aid
• Handgun Basics for Self-Defense
• Handguns 101
• High Speed Handguns
• Home Personal Defense Shotgun
• Home Survival and Handguns for Women
• House clearing and Cornering
• How to Shoot Fast & Accurately
• Knife Wound First Aid
• Know What They Know – Stay Out of Jail
• Lasers for Defensive Handguns
• Lawyer Tricks in the Courtroom
• Lights for Defensive Handguns
• Mastering The Combat Shotgun
• Move! Shoot! Live!
• Night Master “Low Light: Shooting & Flashlight Techniques
• NRA Bullseye – Competition Basics
• Pepper Spray
• Underwater Shooting
• Way Advanced Concealed Carry
• What to Do & Say When Dealing With the Police
• Women – Live To Tell About It
• Women, Be Your Own Body Guard
• Women’s Guide to Firearms

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