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Membership for one person is $12.50 per month or $150 per year.

Self Defense Fund is the only one that will fight for you to the U.S. Supreme Court and cover all your expenses for both criminal and civil cases.  The “Bronze + $1 Million” plan has unlimited attorney fees plus $1 Million for extras.  This plan DOES NOT cover a civil judgement in case you are unlucky enough to have a biased judge and/or a bad jury however it does not end there.  You have the option to continue the fight in a criminal or civil case by appealing the case.  You also have the option to choose the Gold or Silver plan for security.  Please call the office 682-238-8161 X2 if you want to upgrade to the Gold or Silver plan. 


Private Security – PI – Armored Car Officer Protection

Private security is essential for many businesses however there is a higher degree of risk of being sued for the following reasons:

One of the main differences is that law enforcement can arrest individuals based on probable cause. A private officer can arrest someone only after he or she has committed the actual crime. Suspicion of a crime being committed is not enough.


Private security is able to make a citizen’s arrest, which means that they can restrain the individual or individuals until law enforcement arrive. They will have to contact law enforcement right away however otherwise there can be serious legal problems.


In addition, since a private security can only make a citizen’s arrest, the felony must either have been attempted or committed in their presence.  A law enforcement official, on the other hand, can arrest someone if there’s enough probable cause present.

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