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Law Enforcement Protection
Membership is $12.50 per month or $150 per year.
SDF is the only one that will fight for you to the U.S. Supreme Court and cover all your expenses for both criminal and civil cases.  The “Bronze + $1 Million” plan has unlimited attorney fees plus $1 Million for extras.  This plan DOES NOT cover a civil judgement in case you are unlucky enough to have a biased judge and/or a bad jury however it does not end there.  You have the option to continue the fight in a criminal or civil case by appealing the case.  Please read the law enforcement addendum for more details.  We are not plea bargain attorneys.  You also have the option to choose the Gold or Silver plan for law enforcement.  Please call the office 682-238-8161 X2 if you want to upgrade to the Gold or Silver plan. 
Federal, state, county or local law enforcement personnel expose themselves to risks every day. Those risks include the possibility of being sued criminally or civilly for something you did while performing your law enforcement duties. While acting in the scope of your employment, federal, state, and local officers can be sued for intentionally violating a person’s constitutional rights.
Like anyone else facing a lawsuit, officers have various defenses available to assert in their defense. Of course, these include all of the traditional defenses available in a criminal or civil case.
For law enforcement officers, the level of immunity available is known as “qualified immunity.” As the name implies, this type of immunity is protective, but is not an absolute guarantee against successfully being sued.

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