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Self Defense Fund
Low cost Membership Association with Attorneys

Our members are Armed and Attorney Protected

We are the only one that will fight for you to the U.S. Supreme Court and cover you for both Criminal and Civil cases.  Three plans of protection to fit your needs.

1. Gold Plan unlimited attorney fees plus $10 Million Dollars for extras plus civil judgements not to exceed ten million dollars total aggregate amount

2. Silver Plan unlimited attorney fees plus $5 Million Dollars for extras plus civil judgements not to exceed five million dollars total aggregate amount.

3. Bronze Plan unlimited attorney fees plus $1 Million Dollars for extras.  Plan does not cover civil judgements.


Meaning of Extras: Can be but not limited to court costs, expert witnesses, forensics, bail, appeals, and more.  The Gold or Silver plan includes payment of a civil judgement not to exceed the total aggregate amount paid via a supersedeas bond aka appeals bond.  Supersedeas (also termed “writ of supersedeas”) is Latin for “you shall desist,” and it refers to a stay of the enforcement of a judgment pending appeal; a writ or bond that suspends a judgment creditor's power to levy execution.

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You're about to join a community that has over
450,000 members in all 50 states,
US Territories & Indian Tribal Lands.

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Plans & Pricing

Three Plans to fit your needs. Gold,  Silver,  Bronze

Defend yourself, your family, property, or business and the Self Defense Fund (SDF) attorneys will aggressively defend you.


Donate to the “SDF 2A Fund” today, and put yourself on the front lines of the fight for second amendment issues! Others only lobby we fight for your 2A rights in court.

"Donation Funds" are separate from membership.


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Chief Counsel For SDF & Texas Criminal Attorney C.J. Grisham

Chief Counsel For SDF C.J. Grisham, Self Defense Fund

     C J Grisham is a graduate Texas A&M University: Central Texas and earned his Juris Masters and Juris Doctor law degrees at the Appalachian School of Law in Virginia with an emphasis on criminal defense and civil litigation.

   He is the president of Open Carry Texas and a retired Army First Sergeant and Counterintelligence Special Agent. He has been a defender of liberty and constitutionally protected rights for more than a decade. In 2005, he started the popular military blog, A Soldier's Perspective, which garnered the attention of President George W. Bush and an invite to the White House. His defense of gun rights and Self-Defense has created state, national, and international media attention. Married with three children, C J lives in Temple, Texas.

Featured Attorneys

Self Defense Fund has attorneys in all fifty states and their legal teams aggressively defend members both in criminal and civil self defense cases.

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