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2nd Amendment Defense Fund

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Now more than ever, we have to fight to protect our Second Amendment Rights.

Donate to the “SDF 2A Fund.” Other associations only lobby politicians. We choose to fight 2A battles in court. Others only lobby politicians! We fight 2A battles in court!

There are several other Second amendment associations such as the NRA (National Rifle Association), which is by far the largest, and they have a different approach however, some people argue that the NRA and others compromise too much.

That is one of the reasons you should donate to the “SDF 2A Fund.” Because we take a “No Compromise” approach to fight 2A battles. We refuse to surrender any Second Amendment rights for any reason.

“Other association only lobby politicians and nothing gets done. The "SDF 2A Fund" fights for rights in court”

The “SDF2A Fund” army of nation wide attorneys is dedicated to protecting the Constitutional rights of gun owners.

While there are statutory limits to this right, such as the prohibition of convicted felons possessing firearms, our army opposes further restrictions to law abiding citizens civil liberty.

Our army of attorneys is a solid team of experienced, pro-Second Amendment attorneys from all 50 states making a difference.

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